Refrigerator Organization

Today was Grocery Store day! Yay!


Most of the time going to the grocery store is the highlight of my week. As a stay-at-home-mom, work at home mom, whatever you want call me, I don’t get out much these days. So you can imagine when I get out to run errands, I get excited. Except for on that one day of the month that I do my big grocery store trip.


Usually at the beginning of the month we are in desperate need of groceries. While meal planning, grocery lists and keeping track of the things we love to eat has been a help when it comes to making things stretch, the beginning of the month haul is usually fairly large.

Today I was fortuanate enough to be able to ride alone. This happens far, few and in between so I took full advantage. I walked up and down each aisle slowly gathering the things on my list and maybe several things that were not. My outting lasted all of about an hour and a half. I stopped and grabbed a midnight mint frappuccino from Starbucks and then headed back home.


I had a bunch of stuff in the fridge that needed to be cleared out. So I took out all of the old food, tupper ware containers with leftovers  and practically empty soda and water bottles.

While I dreaded doing it, every month when I do a large grocery haul I clean out the refrigerator. Today I ended up taking everything out so I could wipe down all the shelves, walls and the other grossness that was in the door shelves.

This bottom shelf had a lot of yuck on it. Mostly from things that dropped or spilled and no one cleaned it up. 


After cleaning everything out I felt creative like perhaps it was time to change things up a bit. So I searched Pinterest for some refrigerator organization ideas. I found a few pictures that really resonated with me and that I thought would be practical for my fridge. I changed the placement of the shelves to better accommodate how we store food. I was originally using a “bin system” putting things into plastic bins. This was definitely working for a while but I still thought there was a better way to store things.

My little “booger nose” Preston. He has a cold and keeping his nose clean is seemingly impossible right now. He was a great helper with putting the groceries away.

Once I put everything inside I was instantly in love. I think having the shelf that holds all our our drinks in the middle makes way more sense than keeping them on top. Now we can clearly see everything that is on the shelf.


I decided to put the kids cold snacks down low where everyone can reach them. Even Preston. I am not sure yet if this is a good idea or not lol.


I organized everything else in the best way that made sense. I really do love the way it all turned out and it is much more organized than it was before.

The next drawer up from the bottom I am using to store all of our bagged produce.
On the very bottom shelf I have a bin for any meat that will be cooked in the next day or two, bread and bottled water.


The very top shelves house the eggs, salsa, cream cheese and left overs tupperwares. As well as more produce and bagged cheese.

I also cleaned the inside of the freezer however I didn’t move any of the shelves around. I think we are going to stick with this way for a while.


This is the before of the freezer. 


After I put everything back inside. 

Thanks for stopping by!

xx addie