A Perfect Mother’s Day

This year I wasn’t sure about Mother’s day. Probably in large part to the fact that I’ve currently been dealing with my own personal issues with my mother. We have never really had the closest relationship and this year she really said some things that hurt me. I am not sure if she is aware of this fact as we haven’t really spoken much since the said incident occurred.

Due to the fact that I have been keeping my distance, I had a hard time deciding what to get for her as well as contemplating if I was even going to go over to her house for any portion of the day. Somewhere around Thursday or Friday leading up to Mother’s day the guilt started to set in. I had to put my big girl panties on and realize, that no matter what I might be feeling, it is mother’s day and I was not going to “leave my mom hanging’.”

I started my day out with Preston coming into my room to sneak me a gummy bear. At the time I had no idea what he was doing, or where he even got the gummy from for that matter. I ate it anyway though, yikes, and then he left the room. Next I was greeted with a cup of delicious coffee. MaKayla brought it to me but I am pretty positive my husband made it 😉 I hung out in bed for a while and then headed into the living room. There I found a beautiful gift basket filled with goodies for me. I really didn’t need anything for Mother’s Day. While I love the idea of being showered with gifts of appreciation, I sort of feel like I do about Valentine’s Day when it comes to this holiday.

Very superficial.


I called my nephew to see if they already had plans at my mom’s house. He said no, so we came up with a game plan. I decided I’d stop by the store and pick up some things to make her lunch. I figured, we could eat, chat and I could clean up and head home in time to be ready for my own Mother’s day plans. I had a reservation at Chateau Le Green, (by the way, that’s our home).

For lunch we ate Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches and homemade steak fries. I also made her a side salad. She was the only one who ate one of those.

Green Peppers and Onions
I used Flap Meat by the butchers suggestion. It cooked up really nice.


She definitely enjoyed her meal and was happy to see us.  Over all it was not quite as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I had never made Philly cheesesteaks before so I am pretty proud of myself too.


Mom’s side salad.
Philly cheese steak



We got back home around 3 o’clock. I spent the rest of the day relaxing and stalking my favorite people on social media. I tried to get all my kids outside so we could take a picture. A totally unique experience when you have four children. We managed to get a photo.

Testing out the photo spot.
After several tries this is what we got.


My wonderful husband and kids went all out for dinner. My husband continues to amaze me with his skills in the kitchen. I seriously wish he would just be the one to cook every meal, every day. Everything he makes is literally the shit! Score for a man that can cook. Sammiah made me a cute menu and they set my place at the table. MaKayla of course helped dad out in the kitchen.

The Menu
MaKayla set the table
Hubs working’ it out in the kitchen.


They started with the appetizer which was avocado egg rolls with a cilantro lime dipping sauce. I love these avocado egg rolls from BJ’s restaurant. Hubs definitely put it down. Looks like I won’t be needing to go out to get these anymore. They were so good.

Sammiah served me.
Avocado Egg Rolls
Home made Avocado egg rolls with cilantro lime dipping sauce. 

Next, A beautiful southwest salad was placed in front of me. It was a pre made salad. The kind that have all the toppings + dressing. It was actually really good and I will be eating this again for lunch one day.

Southwest Salad

At this point, not only Am I totally impressed but I am anxiously awaiting the main course. My husband doesn’t eat shrimp so he made himself a steak instead. This was absolutely fantastic. I am not sure where he found the recipe but this will be going in the book of must make meals because I need to have this pasta again. It was a tiny bit spicy but as Bruno mars says “That’s what  I like.”

Shrimp scampi Pasta in a lemon butter sauce.
Amazing Mother’s Day dinner.
I ate just about every drop. So good, so full.
Hubs steak dinner.

They didn’t stop there. We can’t forget about the desert. The girls made chocolate chunk brownies with vanilla bean ice cream and fudge.

This whole meal was heaven.



I spent the rest of my evening relaxing. No dishes, no cleaning up, no chasing little people. Simply just relaxing.

This was the perfect mother’s day. It was chill and peaceful which was exactly the intention I set for my day when I first woke up. I felt very much appreciated by the ones I work hard to care for each and everyday. Thank you so much my beautiful babies and my handsome husband. Momma definitely was pampered and fed well!

Relaxing with my feet up.
My cards.


I hope all of you mommies had a wonderful day as well.

Until next time my friends…


xx addie



Sleep Training?


See that beautiful girl?

This is Miss Penelope Rose-Lynn. She is our last baby. There are four of them. Ages 12, 8, 2 and Penny who is 9 months old. My first daughter slept in her crib since we brought her home from the hospital. I can’t recall ever having her sleep with us nor do I recall anything special we did to “get her” to sleep this way. It was something that was just… always.

My second daughter was breastfed. Unlike my first born, who wouldn’t ever latch and we ended up doing formula after three long months of pumping. MaKayla (baby #2) had a crib, beautiful bedding, the whole nine but having a four year old and a newborn was not giving me much sleep. Of course that was to be expected. What I didn’t expect was the convenience that co-sleeping while breastfeeding provided. I mean, baby cries, you pop it out everyone is happy. Mom can still sleep, baby can nurse and were all legit.

Until, you want your bed back.

Transitioning MaKayla to her crib was a challenge. We started that around nine months also because at that time we had just moved into a new house. I can’t quite remember when she was finally in her bed, every night but it took a while before it happened.

Then comes baby number three. Six years later.

Preston was born premature so he spent the first six weeks of his life in the NICU. That was a really difficult time for me so of course when he came home I wanted to give him all the love and attention I feel he lacked being hooked up to machines 24 hours a day. He had to learn how to nurse since we spent a lot of time bottle feeding him in the NICU. Once he learned though, he fed like a champ and then came the constant co-sleeping. Again, convenience.

Now let’s talk about Miss Penelope. She has co-slept with us since she was about three months old. That was about the time a swaddle just wasn’t doing it for her anymore. Now here we are six months later and she needs me to sleep. She wakes to comfort feed two to four times a night! I just don’t know if it is doing more harm in the long run than good in the present moment.  Is it convenient to be able to just lean over and let her suckle until she falls back asleep? Hell yes! Especially since I have four children. I don’t get to bed until 11 pm most nights and I am back up at 6 am (I wish it was earlier but I just can’t). I need to be able to sleep. Peacefully.

I won’t even begin to mention my marital life. I presume we are all adults here right? Well, all I will say about this is that, I think my husband and I are ready to have our bed back.

Sleep Training? I have heard of it, I have read about it and I spent a lot of time on Youtube watching videos about the process. I will first start by saying to each his own. I judge no one as I wouldn’t understand why someone would judge me. Every family should do what is best for them.

Tonight I started sleep training. My goal is to get Penelope and Preston to bed by 8 pm and in their own beds. I really don’t know what I am in for at this point.

We started the night out with bath time for Preston and Penelope followed by a good rub down with some night time lotion and pajamas. Preston got to wind down on the couch with daddy for about 15 minutes while I breastfed Penny. At 8 pm I put them both in bed, turned on some lullaby’s and left the room. The crying began immediately. Both of them. Preston still cries and talks to himself and rolls around for almost an hour every night so this is nothing new.

I set my timer for 10 minutes. If she cried that long my plan was to go back in the room, calmly tell her it was night night time, lay her back down (with her bottle) and walk out again. The timer went off and sure enough I had to do this. Twice.

On the third round of 10 minute intervals she fell asleep with three minutes to spare. So in all it took approximately 27 minutes of crying tonight before she knocked out. It is clear the key to this is going to be consistency. Oh, and probably a lot of patience and coffee.

Night one… Check.