In The Kitchen


Because the kitchen was made for you to be creative.

So, sometimes when you have kids you have to get creative about your meal options. Hell, sometimes you just have to get creative about your meal options period.

I have to admit whilst this may look a bit odd… it tasted fantastic.

I wanted to make a bean and cheese burrito for the kids for lunch but when I reached in to get the tortillas I was rudely smacked with the fact that, we didn’t have anymore.

Okay, change of plans.

We love to eat sopee’s in our house and I had plenty of those. Boom, I had it. I would just make bean and cheese sopee’s.  If you love Mexican food like I do, this is a fail proof easy lunch idea. I used a can of refried beans and heated it in a saucepan. I fried the sopee in canola oil in a skillet. Topped it with the refried beans, cheese, cilantro and the kid friendly kick… Fritos! Yep, Frito chips!


I really don’t know why I used the Fritos but the kids loved it and to be honest it wasn’t bad at all. Easy kid friendly lunch idea.