Hey Friends. 

I wanted to share a little manifesting story with you guys. I believe in the power of storytelling to motivate and inspire others into right action. I am a believer in the Law of Attraction. I believe we can manifest anything when done with right intention and feeling.

As a YouTuber, there are times I get discouraged about channel growth or curious how other channels are thriving. If I am being transparent here, I’ve watched literally about five channels that I love grow by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for them but I’m also human. I can’t help but wonder how these channels picking up such steam. Even bigger a question, I wondered how are people getting sponsored or getting product sent to them for review?  In true Addie fashion, I started doing some and by some I mean a ton of research. I decided that I would contact companies myself via email and see if I could get some items to review. I had also voiced out loud one day during my Miracle Morning routine- and was dead serious might I add

Companies contact ME to review their products, hotels and services.

It was really like a short sweet affirmation that set the Universe in motion. When Matsy contacted me it was like a small dream come true. Okay, maybe not, but It was the proof and sign I needed to show me just how real and how quickly you can manifest.

MATSY is a company that curates these fantastic doormats made to leave an impression on anyone that steps foot at your door. Their personalized doormats come in a variety of cool sayings like:

As Featured on MTV Cribs.

Beware of Dog. Cat is not trustworthy either. 

Come Back With Wine

I was able to chose whatever door mat I wanted but I left it up to Hubs. In my opinion, the ones about wine were all really funny, you know, as a wine drinker and all. Also the one that says beware of dog kids… lol.

Hubs chose the mat that reads: Don’t Forget to Smile Today. 

Our mat arrived in just a few days in small box. At first I wondered how it fit in there. Not sure what I was expecting. I decided since I was going to be replacing our existing doormat I would clean up the porch a bit since it was looking…

Like a hot mess.

I saw an idea at my friends dads house, his wife “planted” fake flowers up her pathway to the front door. They looked so amazing I thought they were real. So much so, I even complimented how beautiful they looked and that’s when I found out they weren’t even real.

Idea stolen! √

I cleaned up the front porch by sweeping and then giving it a good spray down with the hose. I also cleared out the weeds that were taking over the planter alongside the walkway.

The front porch before
The weeds I pulled from the planter alongside the house.

Next, I “planted” put in my fake flowers by digging some holes, dropping the flowers in and filling the holes back with dirt. Super simple, quick and easy. I added some potting soil to the top of my dirt to give it a fresher look and bam! Just like that, the front patio was easily transformed.

I purchased a few galvanized plant tins from the dollar tree and used those to hold my flowers. They’re looking a little low budget though as I’ve said before, my green thumb isn’t exactly green, so I’m thinking of using the fakes in the tins also.

Lastly, I rolled out my new doormat. First thing I noticed about this quality dooormat was its weight. It is very heavy and durable. It is also huge. The previous doormat I had came from Walmart. I thought it was a nice size but the MATSY doormat really brings a different flavor to my porch. It is very well crafted didn’t leave a bunch of debris all over like my past mat. It’s thick and the words are bold and I am completely obsessed.

If you want to check out the video of my Front Porch Refresh just click here.

Don’t forget to head over to Matsy to take a look at their large selection of doormats. These also make for a great gift which I am totally thinking of sending people this year for birthdays. Or it would also make a pretty unique housewarming gift.

Thanks a bunch to Matsy for sending me such a cool doormat, for helping spruce up my porch for Spring AND for trusting me to share their amazing product with all of you.

Manifesting is real. Ask, believe and be grateful when it shows up!!

Until next time loves,

xx addie



In the past couple of weeks I have been itching to do something in our home. Of course, there are about a hundred things on the list of things that I am dying to do, but we gotta go one step at a time around here. After deciding between continuing the projects in the kitchen, or finally fixing the paint inside of the closet in the babies room, the babies room won.

Preston and Penelope share a room. When we originally designed the room it was because I was pregnant with Preston. We did a light tan under-toned wall (Don’t know the color, sorry guys.) with a blue accent wall. Added in some other decor and it was perfect for our boy. When we found out that I was pregnant with Penelope I knew that the room would need to undergo a bit of changes.

At this point, I wanted the flow of the house to, well, flow. The girls room is grey, we did that when we did the update to their room makeover. My husband and I’s bedroom is grey, except for the wall you see when you first walk in the room which is that tan color from the babies room. It is hideous and I really have been meaning to paint it but the way my life is set up…

Anyway, the point is, everything has been updated with neutral grays except for the babies room. So I “neutraled” up the place a little by painting their room in a shade of unknown gray too. I also moved around some furniture at this time and took off the front side of Preston’s crib so that he had a toddler style day bed. To create open space in this room we put one of the kids beds inside the closet. Yes, in the closet.

  I thought of the idea and then to validate my thoughts I did what I always do. I headed over to Pinterest and not surprised at all, I found a few pins. My husband wasn’t really game on putting a kid in the closet at first but I think it grew on him, least I hope it did. It really is a great idea when you are limited for space. Mindful, our kids don’t have crap-tons of clothes either. Their clothes fit in bins, drawers and in a chest under the crib. Jackets and hanging items chill out in our hall closet.

The inside of the closet is blue and has a wood sign above the crib space that reads Preston. Probably not what Miss. Penny wants to be looking at all night. I had been meaning to paint the inside of the closet for w while and this week it was the project at hand.


Penny’s side of the room before.
Preston’s side of the room before.

I started out by taking the crib out of the closet. I painted the closet in a color called silver screen in the Gliddeion brand.

Next, I moved on to the painting the crib in a bright white semi gloss paint. It wasn’t rolling on very smoothly at first go. I am pretty sure I was using the wrong type of paint brush but I also assumed that the second coat of paint would help fix the appearance. It did. I also used a small paint roller instead of a brush on the second coat so… that may or may not have had something to do with why it looked much better.

So far this is what I have done to the crib.


The next day, Hubs removed the back portion of Preston’s crib. He also added some long pieces of wood we picked up at home depot to secure the head board and foot board. Once he finished that, I spent the next little while painting Preston’s bed. It surprisingly went a little faster than painting Penny’s crib which was… let’s just keep going.

Once Preston’s bed was white, I put on his new grey sheet and pillow case and made up his bed. Everything turned out so nice. We put their books on the shelves that were black but of course I went ahead and continued my paint party and now they are white. 

We hung an old piece of wood that I had laying around as a shelf and put the new picture I got at hobby lobby and a plant on it. Turned out super freakin’ cute.

The last thing I need to do is figure out now what we are going to do with the blue wall and the changing table and rocking chair. I can’t decide if I want to get rid of the rocker and get a stationary chair or keep it and refresh it. I also am in limbo about the changing table. As Penelope outgrows it I would love to put a piece of rustic wood furniture on that wall with a little gallery wall above.

Before I get too carried away, I am going to close this off here. Hope you enjoyed this room makeover/refresh.

To see the video of this makeover click H E R E


xx addie

Building The Legacy- MY VISION BOARD PARTY

This year I hosted my 6th annual vision board party experience. In my head, I have big dreams for these parties. Me, traveling the country, hosting vision parties and workshops for women on a mission to change their lives around. Oh and getting paid big bucks to show up and share parts of my own personal story that aim to motivate and inspire. Yeah, that’s my desire.

Vision board parties are all the rage and hype. You can see people hosting them all over the place now which I think is so wonderful. There is something magical about the process of creating a vision board in a group setting. There is also something extremely magical about a vision board period.

The first year I planned this type of party it was because I was going through a really unique chang in my life. Little did I know the change would be this on-going process that I wouldn’t be able to escape. Not a bad process or anything, I just had no idea the depth that hosting that first party carried.  I heard something from Tony Robbins I believe. One of my favorite positive lifestyle gurus. He mentioned something about the company you keep. You know the old saying, birds of a feather flock together? Yeah that. I thought about my five closest friends and what we were all doing at that point in our lives. Which for most of us it was a whopping nothing. I mean, we had jobs, some of us including myself had a kid or two, we had cars… but we were just living life day to day stuck in the cycle of unhappiness like a majority of the country. I won’t say the planet because I believe that in other places, even though it may look bad to us, their mindsets are different and that is why someone can be happy in a tiny hut with little clothes, things and/or money.

I thought that if I was going to do something to try to get myself ahead of the game, I wanted to take my friends with me. I thought it would be something fun we could all do together. So I did a bunch of reasearch on vision boards, I read and the watched the Secret and then something clicked… big time. The first party I hosted was beautiful . We chatted about life, did a year end review, released old self-limiting thoughts and then got to cutting our pictures to post on our boards. We had huge boards and by dreams that year and a lot of sweet treats and wine.

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Listen to your heart and live your dreams!

This year I planned a party for only my closest friends. I thought about trying to make this year a big thing but I wasn’t generating a lot of bite right off the bat. I didn’t want to be stressed out any more than I already was so I decided to go small. This was after a long debate with myself because I was not going to have the party at all this year. Nothing seemed to line up right and December 17’ was a pretty stressful month, te cherry on top to a stressful year. My love for helping though didn’t allow me to just not have the party, so I did what I had to do to make it happen.

These vision board parties are how I feel I give back. They are a way for me to feed my own spirit and someone else’s as well.

I chose to go simple with any decor really putting focus into my food table. We had plenty of snacks for the evening. I decided to call this ladies night with a positive purpose.  Trust me, I have done my fair share of hanging out. I used to club very heavily, and let’s not forget about me and my friend’s weekend excursions to The Right Track. If you don’t know what the right track in L.A. is… just give it a google hahaha. Ladies night was always about going out and wildin’ out. I wanted to change the game a little. I wanted to have a sophisticated grown girls ladies night in.

We did our year end review and talked about things that we were proud of and things that we need to let go from 2017 and then gained some clarity and fresh perspective for the year ahead. We talked about the importance of establishing a healthy and positive morning routine that was sure to leave us feeling productive and successful each day. We talked about our self talk and affirmations and how it is important to use them even though at first it feels silly AF. We talked about how we can balance each area of our lives for optimum wellness and performance. Then we got to dream a little.

Dreaming is my favorite part of the vision party because we give ourselves permission to let our imagination run wild. Sky is the limit. Sometimes as adults we lose that fun imaginative side of us. The side that pretends and make believes whole scenarios in our head. It almost sounds a little “looney” saying that but trust me when I say

If you can dream it you can do it, so it’s best to dream big honey!

We then went through the magazines and printables to find all of the perfect things for our boards and began to put them together. We had a wonderful evening of chatting, cathcing up, sharing personal stories of growth and starting the year out on a positive note with people who support us and will help us stay accountable.

I also made a decision to live stream a part of the party on my youtube channel. You can catch that here if you didn’t see it already.


It was a wonderful way to start the year. It is my sincerest hope that all that attended will do the work and that all they truly desire will manifest for them. It is also my sincerest hope that you will take some time and create a vision board. Even if you just pin photos to a cork board like I have done in my office area. Seeing that which you desire keeps you motivated to keep pushing. Tunnel vision loves!


Thanks for stopping by!

xx addie

American Girl- A Dream Come True

When Sammiah was six years old my sister, mom, aunt and myself went on a little adventure to The Grove, in Los Angeles California, to the American Girl store. The first time I had ever seen one of these massive play-houses for kids I was on a trip to Chicago. It was huge with tons of stuff inside for a lifetime of enjoyment. Sammiah got a look-a-like doll, which are the dolls that you get that look like you. Or as close as you can match.

MaKayla was only three at the time so she did not get a doll on this trip. She did however get a bitty baby, I think they are called. As they got older, MaKayla would talk about was how she wanted an american girl doll and wanted to visit the store for a special day of her own. She’s been talking this talk now for two years! 

This January, MaKayla turned the big 9 and much to her surprise, my sister and I cooked up a plan to take her out on an adventure to the American Girl Store to get her first real American Girl doll.

We set out first thing in the morning. Waking up at 5:30 am to be out of the house about 6:30 am. My dad picked us up and we headed to the Metro-link train station in the town we live in. I am so happy they opened up a station here in the city we live in, it is just so convenient.

6:50 am. Waiting on our train to arrive at 7:05! It’s cold!!

We found some seats, took a few selfies and got comfy for the ride. No too comfy because we had to switch trains in the next city over.

We met up with my sister at the L.A. Union Station in Los Angeles and off we went to The Grove. If you have never been to The Grove, it is a huge outdoor plaza like mall that has tons of stores, places to eat and even a farmers market.

We spent about an hour letting MaKayla walk around and look at all the dolls. She was having a hard time deciding which one she wanted to make her favorite girl. I don’t blame her. 

This store may I just say is absolutely ridiculous. They have every single accessory you can think of for their dolls. Every article of clothing, shoe and even a doll hair salon so you can get your favorite girl a new do! 

It totally brought back memories of when I was a kid and would get the American Girl catalog. I would circle all the things I wanted… not that I got them, because I didn’t. I always joke with the girls that they are super lucky because I wanted an american girl doll and never got one. Especially because they have a doll named Addy!

Auntie Miko and the girls! Ready to head inside.

She tried everything! So fun!

MaKayla chose Julie Albright! She also got a matching set of pajamas for her and her new favorite girl Julie, some glasses and a hair brush. 

And just like that $225 later… she had been initiated into the American Girl gang!

We tried to make a reservation for lunch in the cafe at the american girl store but at first inquiry they said they had nothing available. We wondered if we should of called ahead but it was the middle of the week. Guess we forgot the fact that it was still Christmas break. Leave it to the Lawyer in the family to have gab so sweet that they took our phone number and said they would call us if anything opened. I don’t know exactly what she said to them but I know it started with…

 “We are celebrating my nieces birthday and they are here from out of town…”

No more than about 45 minutes later we were getting a text letting us know that our table was ready and off to the dining room we went.

Sammiah checked out a loaner american girl (boy) doll to eat at the table with us. Yes y’all. They have the cutest little seats for the dolls to have a spot at the table too.

Lunch was fantastic. We chatted over the conversation cards they keep on each of the tables. We each went around answering all the questions we pulled. We also had the cutest little cupcakes for dessert.

After we got the text we headed up to check in to be seated.
The table was set so beautiful. This really is such a lovely and classy place for a kid to enjoy!
Conversation starters. These were cute and kept us busy chatting as we went around the table to answer each question.
Sammiah and her loaner doll! He’s kinda cute. Lol
The first plate to arrive at our table these delicious little cinnamon bites.
Next up… our drinks and appetizers. Everything here looks and tastes so good.
Birthday Girls Meal
Sammiah’s meal!
My Meal! Wonderful I might add. I enjoyed this with a peach Bellini.

After lunch we walked the plaza slowly as we headed back to the car. We made a pit stop in Barnes and Noble so that Sammiah could look for a book. She chose 13 Reasons Why after about 30 minutes of searching. We made our way back to the Valet to retrieve our ride and headed back to the train station.

We arrived a bit early so we purchased our tickets to come home, stopped inside of a little shop to grab some snacks and cough drops for me considering the whole ride to L.A. I was coughing and sneezing.

That concluded a wonderful day. MaKayla was so stoked. It was loads of fun and now she has a doll that she loves. She already hopped right on Etsy to find more clothes for her doll. 

The entire day was fit for a princess and I am so glad she had a good time. Special thanks to my sister who never disappoints. She is always so good to my kids. 

Thanks for stopping by!!

xx addie




A Family Staycation 

I have to start by saying this post is loooong over due.

 In effort to stick to my goal for this blog in 2018, I decided that instead of starting with new posts and letting all the photos I took go to waste, I would still post the old photos before diving into any new content. 

So let’s talk about our Family Staycation!

In November, the day after Thanksgiving actually, we loaded up the SUV and headed out to Newport Beach for a little weekend staycation. I had originally planned this little getaway in October after staying at The Duke hotel with Hubs for our wedding anniversary. It was such a nice hotel and priced just right so much so, that on our last day all I could think about was when we would be returning. Before we even left the hotel  I was already checking out deals and to my surprise I found really great rates for thanksgiving weekend. 

The view from our room.

We arrived at The Duke Hotel  around 5pm. Check in was at 3pm. Of course in my excitement, I wanted to get there before 3 O’clock but there were a few obstacles standing in the way. Once we got to the valet to park our car we found out that the hotel lobby was under construction. That sucked, considering the front of the hotel is definitely a selling point as it’s so gorgeous.

 No biggie. 

We got to the room and got our things settled. The kids and I went out so I could give them the grand tour. This really was our first vacay as a family of six and I think the very first vacation period for Preston and Penelope. 

We ordered pizza from a local parlor around the corner from the hotel and ate out by the pool. Great way to relax into Friday night. We ended the night back in the hotel room for sweet treat and movies. 

We spend the day on Saturday relaxing and hanging out. I started my morning out with a 5:30am Gym workout. I basically channeled my inner yogi and did about 30 minutes of vinyasa style flow. Immediately following my workout I went outside to the jacuzzi for a private and peaceful soak. The Jacuzzi, hands down, has got to be my favorite part of the hotel. It’s so beautiful out by the pool and at 6 am, I’ve got the space all to myself. This was perfect because it was the much needed quiet time I craved. I mean, part of the whole point of a vaycay is to escape reality and get a little peace and clarity right?

On Saturday, we spent a great deal of time out soaking up the glorious California sun. We swam, played basketball and a few rounds of tennis. Then returned to the pool for a couple hours of night swimming. 

On Sunday morning I woke up again around 5am to get myself prepared for my 5:30am yoga session. This morning I was even more excited to get to the gym than the morning before. I quietly got dressed and snuck out to enjoy another morning of what I like to call bliss! I love waking up early in the morning to tend to my self-care routine. Especially at hotels. The luxury gym and early morning hot tub just enriches the experience.  

After I returned from my peaceful morning I got the littles situated for breakfast. We packed well for food so cereal and milk it was LOL. I took off on a coffee run… well I didn’t run anywhere, but I did enjoy a brisk walk to the local Starbucks about a block from the hotel. When I arrived back to the room I sat in the window and enjoyed my white chocolate mocha coffee and a cold slice of pizza. 

After everyone woke up we took one last dip in the pool then packed up our things to check out. I really love this place and can’t wait to return again soon.  Last stop on our trip… the Beach. 

Because you don’t come into the city of Newport and not visit the ocean. 

We spent some time on the pier, in the sand and playing at a local park next to the beach. 

Overall I must say I am so pleased with how the weekend turned out. We had a great time and I surely can’t wait to go on our next weekend getaway. I was nervous about having all the kids at a hotel and I will admit that traveling with children is much- much different than traveling alone. I made sure to prepare myself and the kids by finding games and activities the kids could do in the hotel as well as on the drive.  I printed off simple games like “I Spy” and “Road Trip Bingo.” I also made the girls travel books with fun journal pages to fill in about each day of the trip. 

I am so looking forward to the upcoming new year and it is my hope to take a weekend getaway with all of us at least three times in 2018. 

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A Happy Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving in my family has always been celebrated at my parents house. For as long as I can remember, family from near and far would gather at “our” house for the holiday.  

Over the years the flow of thanksgiving has changed tremendously. The reality is, we are all grown up now and have our own families. Through the years the attendance has gotten smaller and smaller. This year was a small turn out in comparison to previous years. While that was the case I am thankful for the family that I did get to see. I am thankful that my children have grandparents they can see and be apart of their traditions. 

My mom always sets her tables so beautifully. I am constantly complimented on my ability to decorate or set up a room. Well folks, can you see why? 

My parents and aunts always start preparing the night before. There is a lot of prep that goes into making a thanksgiving dinner for 20 to 30 people.  I can remember being a kid and we couldn’t step foot in the kitchen before dinner on thanksgiving day. We would be so hungry and the smell of all that delicious food didn’t help. One thing about thanksgiving food, it really is this wonderful comfort food that you only get once a year. 

It was nice for the kids to spend some time at my parents house. Although we live close busy lives stand in the way of regular or consistent visits. Mom gave Nelope a bath and put her Jammie’s on after dinner. It’s been quite sometime since she’s had a “Grana Bath.” 

Dinner was amazing as expected. I ate smoked turkey which was to die for. Dads delicious Macaroni and cheese, yams, collard greens, dressing, ham and a couple of rolls. Those little brown and serve rolls have been giving me life since I was a kid. Preston grubbed up too! 

We spent the rest of the evening after dinner playing games like we always do. This year we added a few new games to the mix. The fun one for me was bringing out the oldie but goodie… Jenga! We played several rounds of this, Apples to Apples, Guesstures and a few others. Each year the winners and winning teams of the games always get lotto scratchers. 
In memory of my brother-wother Demetri, I want to share a funny story. One year my brother had fake scratchers. They were winning tickets. After the games, when my sister passed out the scratchers she passed my mom the winning ticket. She flipped out, screaming, yelling with excitement. It was sooo funny because we knew it was bullshit. Then when we read her the terms of the scratcher she caught on that it was a fake. She was so mad. I think I got a whoopin that night for sure. My brother was such a prankster. The scratchers always remind me of that year. 

Overall I’d say I had a nice thanksgiving day. Especially since I had a little anxiety about going. There were a coupe little annoying things that happened but hey, what “normal” family doesn’t have just a little bit of drama? 

Until Next Time… 

DAY 23: Finding The Words To Say

I really can’t believe this road has already been 23 days long. If you have been keeping up with me on YouTube then you are seeing the video documentary part of this process.

Today during the morning pages I think I really had a breakthrough in terms of creative thinking. I really chose today to just allow the words to flow fourth from me onto the page. I was able to get some pretty good things down. So that was a plus for today.

So far, I am still experiencing the idea of synchronicity and something really small but big to me happened.

The other day I really wanted a Western Bacon Cheeseburger from a place called Carls Jr. A local fast food chain. If you are from the mid-west or east coast I believe it is called Hardy’s.  I was going to go and get one of these delicious burgers but ended up passing it by due to timing. Skip forward to the next night, some time shortly after midnight my husband walks in from a night out. I was asleep on the couch however usually when he walks in I wake up. I said “hi” to him and noticed the two fast food bags he placed on the table.

I was not fully awake, more like in that state where I was aware of what was going on but when I woke up in the morning fully, I could potentially think I had dreamt it all.  Since I was in a state of half sleep, half awake the next time I opened my eyes my hubs was munching away on something that appeared to be a chicken sandwich at first glance.

See, whenever he gets home late, Jack in the Box is one of his go to late night food runs, so I automatically assumed he was eating a sandwich from there.  When I asked what it was he was eating he says to me “a western bacon cheeseburger!”

No freaking way!!

I of course asked for some and proceeded to take several bites then quickly after went back to sleep but not before sharing with him how crazy I thought it was that I was just talking about wanting one of these but didn’t get the opportunity to get one the day before and here he just brings one home. I guess the reason it is so big is because he never goes to Carl’s Jr. and when he does, he most often always orders the Famous Star.

So was this an example of thoughts becoming things? Of abundance? Of Synchronicity? I’m going to chalk it up as a big fat yes!! 

Other than that y’all, it’s been so far so good on my 84 days. See you back for more of my 84 day journey through the Artist’s Way!


xx addie