Late Night Post…

I’ve been sitting around contemplating what to blog about since the moment I created a blog. The crazy thing about it is, I truly believe that, I have a lot to say. The problem is that I am in no habit of writing. Which I’m convinced it is definitely going to take a habit to blog regularly. I used to write. I used to write almost daily, then somewhere, I fell off. 

Writing is something that usually requires very little thought for me. I am kind of weird I guess because often I think as if I’m reading a book. I’m not sure if that even makes sense but that is how it happens. I think I have this notion that I must be “in the mood” to write in order to get something “good” on the page.  I wish like hell it were that easy but I have other things going on daily that don’t exactly allow me the freedom or flexibility to write whenever I’m “in the mood.” 

I am a wife, a mother of four children who demand my attention from the moment they step out of be till the moment they are peacefully sleeping like angels and it’s quiet again. Except, when it is finally quiet all I’m usually ready to do is knock out or binge watch something on Netflix. Writing goes to the back burner and the process repeats itself the next day. Eventually so many days go by and I realize 

I haven’t posted a blog in days, weeks, months… 

So here we are, it’s 11:44 on a Sunday night. The house is quiet. My babies are asleep, my husband is watching some strange movie and I am laying on the couch. I really want stalk my favorite people on Instagram and knock out but here I am. Typing this blog post because well, 

I haven’t posted a blog in days… 

Now that I have posted a blog… Good Night favorite friends. 




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