Cleaning A Filthy Stove

The last year and a half of my life has been a huge transformation period for me. It all sort of came about after I got married but really kicked into high gear after we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, making baby number four.

If anyone knows what nesting during a pregnancy is like, then you understand when I say I was ready for everything to be clean and tidy and…well, “perfect.” Except, I lived in a home filled with clutter, junk and a whole lot of unnecessary things I did not love. Unnecessary things that truly had and served no real purpose in my home or life but I will save clearing clutter and minimalism for another post.

Skip forward to present day, well, let’s just say to 2017. My home is clean (most of the time- let’s remember I live with four children and a husband lol), it’s tidy, fairly organized (this is definitely still a work in progress) and over all a happy and peaceful place to exist.

In the last month or so, I have been spring cleaning. One of the things that was on my list to tackle was the kitchen. Of course, getting to all of those places that I normally let slide during my daily routine clean up. My stove, while looking absolutely cray, was not on this list. I know, shame on me. However, in my defense, I really did think that getting off any of the rusted and burnt on grime was impossible. Especially considering that I clean it daily after use with “miracle spray.”  In hindsight, I was clearly not putting in the elbow grease required. This, coming from the woman who thought I had to throw away a glass baking dish because whatever I cooked in it at the time had crusted and stuck to the pan.

I mean, shit. I thought it was a lost cause.

I never cleaned the stove as a kid. Never had to. As my mom would tell it, I  “wasn’t raised in the kitchen.” I never realized how much of a hindrance this was to my life as a wife and mom until I became a wife and mom. And the one solely responsible for keeping the stove clean. I can admit, I would half ass it in the kitchen the same way I half assed it in other areas when it came to cleaning.

I recently posted a video on my Growing With The Green’s channel and I received a comment from a viewer. The comment stated that I needed to clean my stove. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should be offended. The reality was, the stove looked a mess and I am rather surprised this is the first time someone had made mention of it. I told this viewer that I didn’t think the “stuff” would come off and if they had any suggestions, I would be very open to trying them.

I hated that this “stuff” was on my stove top. I tried buying those aluminum inserts that you can put under the grates but none of the square ones ever fit my burners correctly. The viewer suggested baking soda and lemon to remove the “stuff.” Of course I skipped right over to handy-dandy Pinterest to see if I could find a recipe or guide to whip some up. I had all of the ingredients already except for a Brillo scrubber ( I’m probably pretty sure that isn’t what it’s called but… oh well!). So I ran out to the 99 Cent store to pick some up.


Alright! Here we go…

I mixed together in a bowl the baking soda and lemon juice first.


I poured it all over the stove top and let it sit for about an hour. In my opinion that might have been too long. I didn’t read anything specifying the amount of time to let it sit so I did what I thought made sense.

Next, I sprayed on the Vinegar, Water & Dawn “miracle spray” and I started the scrubbing process. Let’s just say, I under estimated the process. If you are interested in seeing what I did, just click here to head over and check it out. It took me probably an hour to scrub most of the “stuff” away.


There was a lot of black stuff that I am assuming had been burned onto the stove top. It was not budging with just the Brillo so I used a butter knife assuming I could scratch it off. This took quite a while as it wasn’t easily scraping off. I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you have a newer stove/oven or if you care if it gets minor damage. There were small silver scrape marks which can be seen more clearly here. I plan to get a new stove in the near future so the scratch marks aren’t a big deal to me. Plus, compared to all the “stuff” that was on there, I will settle for a few barely visible scratch marks any day.

Two hours later, on two separate days, it was finally clean!!! I have to admit the thought of quitting crossed my mind about a thousand times. Especially when I got down to the last little speckles of black “stuff” that just wouldn’t come off. To be honest, I was getting pissed off, however…

I did not do all of that to end up with a stove top that wasn’t clean and sparkling and free of the “stuff.”


It felt like a mini miracle. It has been a really long time since I have seen this thing so clean. You know, not to toot my own horn but… toot toot!! The feeling of accomplishment is real y’all! I also have made a #selfpromise to never let it get that bad again. Not ever~

So there it is there. Baking Soda & Lemon + Vinegar, water and a drop of dawn soap (miracle spray) = The cure for a totally filthy stove top.

Until Next Time Favorite Friend…

xx addie


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