Morning Musings


For the past two weeks every morning I have been walking  my daughter to school. This is something I used to do quite consistently before the busy hectic mornings of having four children.

Before, when there were just two of them and even when baby number three was in the oven, I loved to take a morning walk.  I would walk the big girls to school and then walk to our local park to walk the paths for about an hour and then walk home.

Of course things changed a bit when I found out we were expecting baby number four. Since my pregnancy with Preston (baby #3) ended early due to PPROM, during pregnancy number four I took extra precautions to keep her in. Like cut out exercise.

Now that we are settling into a more structured routine, now that Penelope is nine months old and now that I am adamant about exercising again, we’ve been taking our morning walks . The thing I love now is that I have a great camera. Now that I have the Sony A5000 (which I purchased for my YouTube videos). Literally since I bought this camera I feel like I am a photographer. Of course not a professional, well, in my head I am but seriously I have really been enjoying capturing the moments I am in.

The last few days I have taken my camera out with me on the morning walks. To simply just capture what I see. Whatever I think is beautiful, ugly or just merely eye-catching I snap a pic no matter what it is. I also listen to something inspirational, spiritual, positive or simply just affirmations every morning while I am on my walk. I don’t know but it has sort of been getting me into a “good vibes only” sort of mood and has been a great way to start my days.

This morning I listened to a video by Justin from the You Are Creators YouTube channel. I really love this channel because it has a ton of very motivating content. I also took some pictures along the way.

Today’s Thought: My words have immense power. My thoughts form my spoken word.

Today’s Intention: Act as if I already have all that I desire.

Today’s Goal: To be mindful of my posture. As a dance and movement instructor I know that our body speaks a language all its own that is more powerful than the spoken word in terms of how we think. The body language of someone who is confident is much different from the body language of someone who is afraid, nervous or lacks confidence.

Today’s Affirmation: I always have more than enough to take care of the things I need and want.

Today’s I AM: Successful.

I am Successful.

Here is a look at some of what I captured this morning! Enjoy


Headed out for this mornings walk.
I have really been attracted to yellow this Spring season.


I hate this bush next to my house. It has grown tremendously and is out of control. It is not on my property like though so I don’t try to cut it. It actually looks gorgeous in this picture though.

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