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Okay. I have to admit I am totally obsessed with Instagram. Since the platform launched it has been my favorite form of social media. I love pictures however when the platform introduced Instagram stories I wasn’t on the band wagon. I already loved Snapchat and had grew a faithful following there. A community of friends that I loved to “hang out” with. Slowly but surely, one post to Instagram stories turned to another and then another and before I knew it I was posting there more than on Snapchat. These days Instagram is my go to social media app and Insta-Stories is how I share my life with others. Hopefully in a way that is meaningful, empowering and entertaining.

This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

Recently, several makers have been doing their thing creating really cool templates and animated posts to be used in your insta-stories. I first saw these templates on some of my YouTuber friends stories but after binging for a day or five, through all the insta-stories I follow, one thing was clear, these Q & A templates are fun and really gaining popularity. ALMOST EVERYONE HAD ONE of some type in their story.

When I went to look up where to find these templates so I could join the festivities, I didn’t find much variety. I did find a huge number of really nice templates by Angela from @TheSundayChapter   So if you are looking for some nice templates to add to your insta-story, you may want to check her out.

This morning I had a brilliant idea.

Okay, it wasn’t brilliant, or original but it was an idea. I love to create.

I also love to be productive. Last year, I made a ton of productivity and planner products (mostly notepads and planner inserts) to sell in my Etsy shop. So, I thought to myself, I could digitize those and turn them into some cool accountability tools for my Instagram Story. Of course, my creativity popped her pretty head right up at the thought of making my own story templates.

I spent a few minutes just to play around with editing and I created an Agenda to mark my “to-do’s” on. In true spirit of what I always say on the vlogs, it reads, “On The Agenda For Today…”.  I told my instafriends they were welcome to screenshot it and several friends did which I thought was cool. So here’s a few of my Instastory templates. 

I especially love these templates because I think they are a fun and quick way for followers to get to know the person they are following.  I also think the possibilities are endless in terms of what type of templates can be crafted.


By the way: Because I didn’t know this at first, to get the templates simply just screenshot them from the person’s insta-story. Oh, and use proper etiquette, do not cut off their watermark

Until Next Time Friends,


SPRING CLEANING: 3 Things You MUST Do Before You Start

As the spring season approaches and we say our long awaited goodbyes to winter, many of us will feel the push or pressure to get our houses in order. Spring cleaning isn’t on the list of favorite things to do for most of us, however it doesn’t mean that it has to be a daunting and dreadful task either. To make spring cleaning a little easier here are 3 things you should do to make the process run smoothly and effectively.

*This post contains no affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Spring Season ushers in a freshness.  A new light and cheery energy. Across cultures spring cleaning began as a way to clear out your home from the Winter, especially many years ago when homes were primarily heated by burning fireplaces to keep warm. I live in sunny Southern California, so I have to be honest, the winters here aren’t exactly comparable to winters on the east coast or even many parts of the pacific. While we don’t see much snow, it still gets chilly enough to keep the heater turned on and the windows closed. Spring cleaning in my opinion gets rid of all the dust and winter germs that accumulate as a result of staying indoors more and keeping the windows closed.

I am not a neat freak.

I am not a very tidy person by nature. As a kid, I always had issues with my parents for keeping my room in a “pigs sty” as my mother would always say. Whatever! It was messy, I will admit, but I could find what I needed. This lack of cleaning as a kid has met me at the door of guilt and shame many times as an adult trying to thrive. Now, with four children and a man-child husband, cleaning and keeping a tidy home is so essential to the flow and function of our home and to my sanity. With that being said, Spring cleaning is a great way to spend some time deep cleaning your home and getting to those spots that aren’t apart of your daily, weekly or even monthly cleaning routine.

As a YouTuber who’s content primarily consists of cleaning videos, my house gets a pretty good cleaning on a daily basis. I’ve seen tons of cleaning videos flooding the “youtube-sphere” on spring cleaning and are just basic cleaning videos. While taking the time to simply just clean your space as the spring season flows in is perfect, however spring cleaning to me involves just a little bit more.

3 Things You MUST Do BEFORE You Spring Clean Your Home

  • FIRST: CLEAR THE CLUTTER// Before you begin the actual act of cleaning and scrubbing you must first DECLUTTER! Spend some time to take inventory of the things that you have. Since the last “big clean” or spring clean, what has accumulated in your space? One thing I can say that makes spring cleaning so daunting is when we look around at how much shit we have. It makes the process seem impossible or as if it will take our whole lives to complete. Many times, we don’t even know how much stuff we have until we have pulled it all out and taken inventory. This step allows you to get rid of anything that no longer serves you or your family. Go through each room or category taking inventory. If you haven’t used it, wore it, played with it, looked it, oh here’s a good one, or touched it… TRASH IT! Or donate it if it is in good condition still.
  • NEXT: ORGANIZE IT // This comes after the declutter.  You can’t organize chaos and that’s exactly what clutter is.  After you have gone through each room or category of your home you will be putting things back in a specific functional place. This is the sole purpose of organizing. One thing that makes organizing fun, if it isn’t something you love to do, is getting pretty bins, baskets and storage solutions to put things in. Everything that you are keeping in your home needs it’s own ‘Forever’ home- a place that it will always go back to after it has been used. Organizing is all about putting your things away in a storage solution that is accessible and functional for you and your family. As a stay at home mom, I have found that it is imperative for me to be organized as there are just way to many things to keep track of. Organization is a life saver and keeps clutter to a minimum.
  • LAST: SET YOUR GAME PLAN// Now that your home has been decluttered and organized half the battle is over. The cleaning part is actually the easy part.  Setting yourself up with a plan requires you to put some thought into how you will tackle the cleaning.  Are you going to be doing this alone or getting the whole family involved? What times are you available to spend at least an hour or two on cleaning? You may want to Pencil those times in your calendar now so that it is kept a priority. Are you going to set up zones or specific rooms to clean? Is there a particular order that you want start in? What room will need the most attention? Does any space require you to make a purchase? Which products will you use and do you have them on hand? Your plan does not have to be this detailed or thorough but this gives you some things to think about. The best way to have a stress free and effective spring cleaning season is to be prepared. So setting up a game plan, no matter how basic or detailed you want to make it, will help to keep you on track. To-Do lists and check lists are great for this.

Easy-Peasy right!?

I understand that these are very simple tips but I find that it is usually the simplest things that end up being highly effective in aiding our efforts to make change. It serves you no purpose to go through scrubbing baseboards, clearing out cobwebs, dusting high places, cleaning air ducts and windows and all the other things we do during this time, to simply still have a huge mess. Clutter breeds clutter but clearing clutter breeds clarity. Clutter also accumulates dust and bugs and who wants that? Organizing will pretty much save your life. Trust me. And setting up a plan, even if it is a small one, to tackle your house room by room and clean it up gets you prepared and helps you to be accountable to that which you wish to complete.

I am doing a series on my YouTube channel for spring cleaning, so if you would like a little extra motivation click here to head over and #cleanwithaddie.

xx addie


Hello Friends. Welcome to our Green House Kitchen Refresh- Reveal. This kitchen transformation has been an ongoing project for the last year and a half. With many late night Pinterest binges, amazon orders and a gallon of paint later…

Let me start by saying our house isn’t new. It was built in the 80’s and still has all of it’s builder grade cabinets, counters, flooring, etc. This isn’t our forever home so we we’re not looking to make any major changes like brand new counter-tops or new cabinetry however, I am a firm believer in feeling good in the spaces you dwell. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

 The reality is, my kitchen was ugly and whenever I’d go in it I recognized that I was always picking/bitching about something I wanted to change, fix, get rid of, re-purpose… you get the point. I was ready for a change. Life Lesson #8: If you don’t like what you see… change it. 

I am a DIY Goddess!!

No really. I love a good project. So when I, on a whim, decided to paint my upper cabinets white, the kitchen transformation was in full effect. I am so happy with how everything turned out and it didn’t break the bank. A Real Simple Refresh that completely changed how I feel when I step into the heart of my home. So, without further adieu,

Let me show you what we’ve done with the place.


If you saw my last post then you already saw what the cabinets looked like before. Incase you didn’t I will show you. 

From here I wanted to brighten the place up a bit so I went with Grey. These cabinets were actually spray painted grey. 

From here the final refresh began. It took about two weeks in total. I used the weekends to do the painting since that took the longest. Painting cabinets is not for the faint of heart. 

I am so happy about the final results. I still would a sign that says Farmhouse and wood framed sign that says Pantry. 

Here’s the finished look:

B E F O R E :

A F T E R:

Totally Obsessed. 

Until I Write Again, 

DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets// From 80’s to Modern Farmhouse?!

Okay folks! I’m taking the dive into the DIY project of Painting my Kitchen Cabinets White. I’ve been dying to have white cabinets for a few years now. Guess what… I am doing a Real Simple Refresh in my kitchen and This is happening!!!

To see this process check out my VLOG on YouTube. 

*This post contains no affiliate links. All opinions expressed are always my own.                               Enjoy.

When I first moved in this house I never paid much mind to the cabinets, counters or flooring. I had no idea what a forever home was, what a fixer upper was nor was I addicted to HGTV at this point. I was 24 years old with two kids and was just happy to be moving into my own house.

I have to be honest the house wasn’t in the best condition. I mean, it was a house, four walls and a roof for shelter. I did the best I could do to make it look like home on a small budget. My first set of furniture was a black leather couch I got from a friend of a friend who was selling her stuff from storage. For about $150 she hooked me up with a ton of useful things.

Somewhere around three years after I moved into this place, I wanted to fix it up a little. I had been bitten by the home decor bug, not hard but he got a little taste of me. I purchased new curtains (which to me at that time were super expensive. This was the first time I realized my house had way to many windows.) I purchased couch covers to cover my mismatched couches (imagine, one black leather, one white fabric.) Yeah, that was my life. I purchased an area rug for the living room everything in beautiful earth toned browns, greens and pops of red.

I thought I was grown!

In all this time, I had never thought of doing anything to the kitchen. The more I did things to transform the rest of the house the more I began to despise my ugly kitchen. Fast forward a few years later. I am now married, have two more children and went on a serious mission to de-clutter my life to gain some clarity and tame my anxiety.

During my pregnancies and miserable times of bed rest HGTV became one of the channels my television was permanently fixed on.


I became so obsessed with shows like Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper, Good Bones and Property Brothers. Oh, and lets not forget about House Hunters and Love it or List it. As per my believe what you focus on expands and my secret love for home decor began to manifest big things. I went to my Pinterest account and the pinning began. I must have at least three boards dedicated to DIY home improvements, kitchen renovations and dream home inspirational pics. You can check those out HERE if you’d like.

I drew up a plan to make over my kitchen the budget friendly way by doing a lot of easy improvements myself. First thing on the list was the cabinets. These cabinets have endured so much. While the reality is they need to be replaced, that isn’t an investment we are looking to make into this house at this time. However, I spend a lot of my time inside these four walls being as though I am a stay at home mom. I wanted a change. The first thing I did was stain the cabinets a dark wood color. For a while I loved them. It was a great change from the ugly orange paint that was on their when I moved in.

Eventually, I wanted a more clean and fresh look. I also love me some farmhouse style items as well.  I really wanted to go with a white on the cabinets but with four kids, pets and a messy husband (sorry lover), the odds of them looking nice for long was fairly low. So after endless nights on Pinterest and Instagram I moved on to Grey.

The grey looked great and totally changed the energy in my kitchen. It was so much more bright and open. It stayed this way for about a year but the idea of white cabinets kept coming up for me.

This week, I purchased some white paint to fix some trim in the house and to paint my faux brick wall I’m doing in the bedroom.  Somehow though, instead of starting in my room I decided on a whim, I would rather do the cabinets. The doors were already off because I wanted a more open-faced look in the kitchen so I figured it wouldn’t be that much work. Let me start with… I was wrong.

Painting your cabinets, especially if you want them to look nice is a tough job, if I am being honest. Yet, as with any other project, I’m down!

It took three coats of paint to finally get it to look nice and not streaky. I find that with white paint it has the tendency to look streaky. I will probably add one more coat just to satisfy myself of knowing that it is evenly painted.

The white paint immediately brightened up the kitchen. I decided to stay with a two toned theme so the top cabinets are white now and the lower cabinets will remain grey. I do still need to order the rest of the drawer pulls for the drawers but for now I am so happy about the change made to the kitchen.

It is amazing how something as simple as adding paint can completely transform a space and thus shift the energy in the space. Making it fresh. Making it new again. Bringing life back into it.

There is still work to be done here but so far so good!

Check out how I did the Faux Brick Backsplash?

Until I write again love,

xx addie


Hey Friends. 

I wanted to share a little manifesting story with you guys. I believe in the power of storytelling to motivate and inspire others into right action. I am a believer in the Law of Attraction. I believe we can manifest anything when done with right intention and feeling.

As a YouTuber, there are times I get discouraged about channel growth or curious how other channels are thriving. If I am being transparent here, I’ve watched literally about five channels that I love grow by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for them but I’m also human. I can’t help but wonder how these channels picking up such steam. Even bigger a question, I wondered how are people getting sponsored or getting product sent to them for review?  In true Addie fashion, I started doing some and by some I mean a ton of research. I decided that I would contact companies myself via email and see if I could get some items to review. I had also voiced out loud one day during my Miracle Morning routine- and was dead serious might I add

Companies contact ME to review their products, hotels and services.

It was really like a short sweet affirmation that set the Universe in motion. When Matsy contacted me it was like a small dream come true. Okay, maybe not, but It was the proof and sign I needed to show me just how real and how quickly you can manifest.

MATSY is a company that curates these fantastic doormats made to leave an impression on anyone that steps foot at your door. Their personalized doormats come in a variety of cool sayings like:

As Featured on MTV Cribs.

Beware of Dog. Cat is not trustworthy either. 

Come Back With Wine

I was able to chose whatever door mat I wanted but I left it up to Hubs. In my opinion, the ones about wine were all really funny, you know, as a wine drinker and all. Also the one that says beware of dog kids… lol.

Hubs chose the mat that reads: Don’t Forget to Smile Today. 

Our mat arrived in just a few days in small box. At first I wondered how it fit in there. Not sure what I was expecting. I decided since I was going to be replacing our existing doormat I would clean up the porch a bit since it was looking…

Like a hot mess.

I saw an idea at my friends dads house, his wife “planted” fake flowers up her pathway to the front door. They looked so amazing I thought they were real. So much so, I even complimented how beautiful they looked and that’s when I found out they weren’t even real.

Idea stolen! √

I cleaned up the front porch by sweeping and then giving it a good spray down with the hose. I also cleared out the weeds that were taking over the planter alongside the walkway.

The front porch before
The weeds I pulled from the planter alongside the house.

Next, I “planted” put in my fake flowers by digging some holes, dropping the flowers in and filling the holes back with dirt. Super simple, quick and easy. I added some potting soil to the top of my dirt to give it a fresher look and bam! Just like that, the front patio was easily transformed.

I purchased a few galvanized plant tins from the dollar tree and used those to hold my flowers. They’re looking a little low budget though as I’ve said before, my green thumb isn’t exactly green, so I’m thinking of using the fakes in the tins also.

Lastly, I rolled out my new doormat. First thing I noticed about this quality dooormat was its weight. It is very heavy and durable. It is also huge. The previous doormat I had came from Walmart. I thought it was a nice size but the MATSY doormat really brings a different flavor to my porch. It is very well crafted didn’t leave a bunch of debris all over like my past mat. It’s thick and the words are bold and I am completely obsessed.

If you want to check out the video of my Front Porch Refresh just click here.

Don’t forget to head over to Matsy to take a look at their large selection of doormats. These also make for a great gift which I am totally thinking of sending people this year for birthdays. Or it would also make a pretty unique housewarming gift.

Thanks a bunch to Matsy for sending me such a cool doormat, for helping spruce up my porch for Spring AND for trusting me to share their amazing product with all of you.

Manifesting is real. Ask, believe and be grateful when it shows up!!

Until next time loves,

xx addie


In the past couple of weeks I have been itching to do something in our home. Of course, there are about a hundred things on the list of things that I am dying to do, but we gotta go one step at a time around here. After deciding between continuing the projects in the kitchen, or finally fixing the paint inside of the closet in the babies room, the babies room won.

Preston and Penelope share a room. When we originally designed the room it was because I was pregnant with Preston. We did a light tan under-toned wall (Don’t know the color, sorry guys.) with a blue accent wall. Added in some other decor and it was perfect for our boy. When we found out that I was pregnant with Penelope I knew that the room would need to undergo a bit of changes.

At this point, I wanted the flow of the house to, well, flow. The girls room is grey, we did that when we did the update to their room makeover. My husband and I’s bedroom is grey, except for the wall you see when you first walk in the room which is that tan color from the babies room. It is hideous and I really have been meaning to paint it but the way my life is set up…

Anyway, the point is, everything has been updated with neutral grays except for the babies room. So I “neutraled” up the place a little by painting their room in a shade of unknown gray too. I also moved around some furniture at this time and took off the front side of Preston’s crib so that he had a toddler style day bed. To create open space in this room we put one of the kids beds inside the closet. Yes, in the closet.

  I thought of the idea and then to validate my thoughts I did what I always do. I headed over to Pinterest and not surprised at all, I found a few pins. My husband wasn’t really game on putting a kid in the closet at first but I think it grew on him, least I hope it did. It really is a great idea when you are limited for space. Mindful, our kids don’t have crap-tons of clothes either. Their clothes fit in bins, drawers and in a chest under the crib. Jackets and hanging items chill out in our hall closet.

The inside of the closet is blue and has a wood sign above the crib space that reads Preston. Probably not what Miss. Penny wants to be looking at all night. I had been meaning to paint the inside of the closet for w while and this week it was the project at hand.


Penny’s side of the room before.
Preston’s side of the room before.

I started out by taking the crib out of the closet. I painted the closet in a color called silver screen in the Gliddeion brand.

Next, I moved on to the painting the crib in a bright white semi gloss paint. It wasn’t rolling on very smoothly at first go. I am pretty sure I was using the wrong type of paint brush but I also assumed that the second coat of paint would help fix the appearance. It did. I also used a small paint roller instead of a brush on the second coat so… that may or may not have had something to do with why it looked much better.

So far this is what I have done to the crib.


The next day, Hubs removed the back portion of Preston’s crib. He also added some long pieces of wood we picked up at home depot to secure the head board and foot board. Once he finished that, I spent the next little while painting Preston’s bed. It surprisingly went a little faster than painting Penny’s crib which was… let’s just keep going.

Once Preston’s bed was white, I put on his new grey sheet and pillow case and made up his bed. Everything turned out so nice. We put their books on the shelves that were black but of course I went ahead and continued my paint party and now they are white. 

We hung an old piece of wood that I had laying around as a shelf and put the new picture I got at hobby lobby and a plant on it. Turned out super freakin’ cute.

The last thing I need to do is figure out now what we are going to do with the blue wall and the changing table and rocking chair. I can’t decide if I want to get rid of the rocker and get a stationary chair or keep it and refresh it. I also am in limbo about the changing table. As Penelope outgrows it I would love to put a piece of rustic wood furniture on that wall with a little gallery wall above.

Before I get too carried away, I am going to close this off here. Hope you enjoyed this room makeover/refresh.

To see the video of this makeover click H E R E


xx addie

Building The Legacy- MY VISION BOARD PARTY

This year I hosted my 6th annual vision board party experience. In my head, I have big dreams for these parties. Me, traveling the country, hosting vision parties and workshops for women on a mission to change their lives around. Oh and getting paid big bucks to show up and share parts of my own personal story that aim to motivate and inspire. Yeah, that’s my desire.

Vision board parties are all the rage and hype. You can see people hosting them all over the place now which I think is so wonderful. There is something magical about the process of creating a vision board in a group setting. There is also something extremely magical about a vision board period.

The first year I planned this type of party it was because I was going through a really unique chang in my life. Little did I know the change would be this on-going process that I wouldn’t be able to escape. Not a bad process or anything, I just had no idea the depth that hosting that first party carried.  I heard something from Tony Robbins I believe. One of my favorite positive lifestyle gurus. He mentioned something about the company you keep. You know the old saying, birds of a feather flock together? Yeah that. I thought about my five closest friends and what we were all doing at that point in our lives. Which for most of us it was a whopping nothing. I mean, we had jobs, some of us including myself had a kid or two, we had cars… but we were just living life day to day stuck in the cycle of unhappiness like a majority of the country. I won’t say the planet because I believe that in other places, even though it may look bad to us, their mindsets are different and that is why someone can be happy in a tiny hut with little clothes, things and/or money.

I thought that if I was going to do something to try to get myself ahead of the game, I wanted to take my friends with me. I thought it would be something fun we could all do together. So I did a bunch of reasearch on vision boards, I read and the watched the Secret and then something clicked… big time. The first party I hosted was beautiful . We chatted about life, did a year end review, released old self-limiting thoughts and then got to cutting our pictures to post on our boards. We had huge boards and by dreams that year and a lot of sweet treats and wine.

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Listen to your heart and live your dreams!

This year I planned a party for only my closest friends. I thought about trying to make this year a big thing but I wasn’t generating a lot of bite right off the bat. I didn’t want to be stressed out any more than I already was so I decided to go small. This was after a long debate with myself because I was not going to have the party at all this year. Nothing seemed to line up right and December 17’ was a pretty stressful month, te cherry on top to a stressful year. My love for helping though didn’t allow me to just not have the party, so I did what I had to do to make it happen.

These vision board parties are how I feel I give back. They are a way for me to feed my own spirit and someone else’s as well.

I chose to go simple with any decor really putting focus into my food table. We had plenty of snacks for the evening. I decided to call this ladies night with a positive purpose.  Trust me, I have done my fair share of hanging out. I used to club very heavily, and let’s not forget about me and my friend’s weekend excursions to The Right Track. If you don’t know what the right track in L.A. is… just give it a google hahaha. Ladies night was always about going out and wildin’ out. I wanted to change the game a little. I wanted to have a sophisticated grown girls ladies night in.

We did our year end review and talked about things that we were proud of and things that we need to let go from 2017 and then gained some clarity and fresh perspective for the year ahead. We talked about the importance of establishing a healthy and positive morning routine that was sure to leave us feeling productive and successful each day. We talked about our self talk and affirmations and how it is important to use them even though at first it feels silly AF. We talked about how we can balance each area of our lives for optimum wellness and performance. Then we got to dream a little.

Dreaming is my favorite part of the vision party because we give ourselves permission to let our imagination run wild. Sky is the limit. Sometimes as adults we lose that fun imaginative side of us. The side that pretends and make believes whole scenarios in our head. It almost sounds a little “looney” saying that but trust me when I say

If you can dream it you can do it, so it’s best to dream big honey!

We then went through the magazines and printables to find all of the perfect things for our boards and began to put them together. We had a wonderful evening of chatting, cathcing up, sharing personal stories of growth and starting the year out on a positive note with people who support us and will help us stay accountable.

I also made a decision to live stream a part of the party on my youtube channel. You can catch that here if you didn’t see it already.


It was a wonderful way to start the year. It is my sincerest hope that all that attended will do the work and that all they truly desire will manifest for them. It is also my sincerest hope that you will take some time and create a vision board. Even if you just pin photos to a cork board like I have done in my office area. Seeing that which you desire keeps you motivated to keep pushing. Tunnel vision loves!


Thanks for stopping by!

xx addie